So are glass pipes for you?

The list of pros for owning or using a glass pipe are numerous.

Glass pipe cleaning
Because glass is non-porous it does not add any unwanted flavors or aroma when smoked as wood or clay pipes do so it isolates flavors for purer smoking experience.

Glass pipes are also easy to clean so they are favored by germaphobes. There are no nooks or crannies for bacteria to grow. A glass pipe is easily cleaned with the use of alcohol and salt. Use a mixture of two parts of 91% alcohol or higher to one part salt. Put this mixture along with the glass pipe into a ziploc bag and shake. The abrasiveness of the salt will loosen any resin buildup. If all of the resin doesn’t come off use a cotton swab to remove any remaining resin. A better tip is to have your pipe sit in alcohol whenever it is not in use. This will prevent an tar or resin buildup and you will just need to give it a quick rinse before using it. If you don’t clean your pipe periodically the tar and resin will buildup and will affect the air flow.

The only con of owning a glass pipe is that it is glass and therefore breakable. But even with that being said, they are pretty sturdy because they are made at such high temperatures. Just be careful and you shouldn’t have any problems. And if you do break it that’s a chance to get a new design!